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About Webaholics

Webaholics is a well-known Digital Agency based in Cape Town, South Africa. We are well known for our impactful and high-end Web and Mobile Applications.

We have a great team of developers who are always researching about modern trends and technologies in order to make our Clients more relevant in this ever-changing world of Technology.

With a couple of awards in the Tech and Development Field, we ensure our clients peace of mind and great assurance that their ideas and projects are 100 secure with us behind the scenes.

Top Mobile Developers Award
Technology Excellence Award

How We Work

We have a Passion of developing the World's best developers in terms of skill-set and relevance.

We make sure that our Developers are involved in a project with Technologies that they are highly proficient in, while also being involved in projects that they are least proficient in. This creates a balance of widening and improving your best skills whilst at the same time learning a newer technology.


Our projects take an average of 2 - 4 months depending on complexity. No Project is too big for us, and No Project is too small for us.

We have a tradition of celebrating every new project twice, once when it starts, and when it is completed. Our team meets 2 days in a week, and conduct most of their work from home, but the office is always open, just in case they want to come and work in a more work-friendly environment.

We have an open door policy and we don't really value hierachy that much. We feel that even our Jr Devs can also get involved in the Big Projects and vice versa. We Are Just Weird Like That

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