We provides the best mobile & web app development services at low cost. We also have the best team of Digital Marketers that will make sure your idea gets all the traction it needs at its deployment stage. Listed below, is what makes us stand out from the rest.

About Webaholics


Webaholics came to life through our passion for creating applications that are competitive in the modern era and can withstand the test of time. We have completed a lot of applications over the years, from basic simple applications for our friends in the education field (pre-schools) to complex high-end applications for high-end clients. Webaholics was started to create the perfect match between quality and cost of applications.

We have done our research over the years, and we now know what to bring to the table. We have a 100% success rate with all our projects, and all our clients have never turned their backs on us.

You can view and read more about our completed projects here

Why Build Apps Now?

For you to be relevant and client friendly, you need to be aware that many people nowadays are spending long hours sitting on their smart devices. The best way to have them swing your way is by providing convenience while not costing them a leg and an arm.

Many more people are now choosing their smart devices for trading, shopping and solving problems. So why not be one of their problem solver?

The world is revolutionasing, Apps are now offering solutions that once needed attendance several years ago (online conferences, tutorials, communication e.t.c)

Best Quality And Value

We provide local, high-end, project-managed mobile & web application products for businesses that are dissatisfied with overly-priced corporate consultancies. We provide you with full transparency throughout your application development process, which means that you have access to developers and key stakeholders, while keeping your overal costa at an all time minimal.

We make use of a streamlined management structure to provide you with the best quality prooduct at the lowest possible price as illustrated in the graph.

People don't realise that throwing more resources and management onto a project does not improve quality, but only increases costs.

However, certain quality structures and expertise needs to be present on a project, or else the quality will take a sharp drop and the project will likely be unsuccessful even before its official launch

Webaholics Graph Statistics

Our Offering

We are not a good fit for every company out there. Considerations of price-only on the one side, and overly resourced projects on the other side, are not our core focus. We focus on quality developers, the quality and longevity of your product, and competitive pricing.

Webaholics offers the following:

  • Design of the entire app through wireframes (so everyone knows exactly what will be built)
  • UI design to make it look beautiful (examples available on request)
  • Visible project management and reviews on a weekly basis
  • Access to developers and key stakeholders
  • Continuous integration and testing of your app
  • Maintenance and support
  • And a long term focus

Also worth mentioning here is that you own all the code that we write for you, and we have had a 100% success record on our projects.

What steps do we take?

We understand that you need to see results fast and get your business flowing. We take the following steps in order for us to come up with a proposal

Quick Estimate

Give us a call to let us know everything about the project you want us to develop and we will give you a general estimate.

Wireframing Process

We start putting everything on paper after getting useful information from you and potential end-users after a quick meet-up.


We now let you know how the process is gonna go, including the costs, technologies to be used and actual time-frames.

Development & Deployment

Your final product is ready and released to you for assessment and later on released onto the market.

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